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You can go after them now. They then start threatening to put my SS on hold, take me to court within 7 days or have me arrested. Many times, the con artist will claim to be affiliated with a law enforcement agency. You are almost totally correct. If they call back, report it to FTC, Atty. Our sample letters can help if you:

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A “small loan” is defined in RCW and is a loan that does not exceed $ Collection activities involving loans of $ or less are subject to RCW , which limits the time, place, and manner in which a payday loan may be collected. Many consumers who need cash quickly turn to payday loans – short-term, high interest loans that are generally due on the consumer’s next payday after the loan is taken out. The annual percentage rate of these loans is usually very high – i.e., % or more. You took out a payday loan at some point in the past few years. You then defaulted on the scheduled payment. The lender attempted to collect, but to no avail. It then sold or transferred the account to a third-party debt collector.

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They have used law enforcement, lawyer, president, CEO as different titles. I pay off one the other says that's not our bill and you still owe.

I just paid , supposedly the "last" one sate suppose to mail me my final confirmation number by mail. They will not give me an address to find them. I wouldn't be able to pay my utilities, phone or buy food. I have never been to court before or had this problem. They are robbing me blind and I'm scared to death if I don't pay. You might be dealing with fake debt collectors. They might be trying to scare you into paying money that you don't really owe.

Here are signs that someone is a fake debt collector:. If they won't send you a written validation notice, you can stop talking to him. You don't have to keep paying. Call your state and local consumer protection agencies for information about handling debts in your state. Oh my that sounds so much like the people that are calling me. They call from different numbers 10 different numbers now that I'm counting each claiming to be another company.

They refuse to give an address, they refuse to give me a license to collect debts in TN. One person threatened me and called me a deadbeat, thief and swindler. I am a cancer survivor and I am not a novice with the debt collection practices and they meet none of the requirements.

In particular the phrase "this is an attempt to collect a debt etc.. I have bank statements going back 10 years I told one women she said I doubt that I said oh ya I really do my bank archives them and they are available at anytime. She said well send them in I said take me to court and lets take care of this once and for all and she said we will good luck and hung up.

Each time I've told them it's fraud and I'm going to file a lawsuit against them myself and to send it on to the courts.

I never get a notice to appear and then a call comes from another claiming all the same nonsense and when I say I told you to send it to the court she says we have never called you before. Really unless you are certain you didn't repay one of those loans I would insist on written proof before giving them one more dime. If you happen to determine this is fraud call your bank immediately and tell them you believe your are a victim of identity theft and fraud and see if they can pull those payments back as wire fraud.

I am getting the calls too at work and cell. So now I call them back and let them hold, cuss at them just like they did me, call them losers, talk trash so I am harassing them right back. I sincerely hope that you have stopped paying them.

ACS is a scam. Please do some research on them. I hope you can collect at least some of your money back. I got mixed up with them but before I paid I realized the whole thing was a fraud. Please report them ASAP and sever all contact with them.

This is just one of the many faces of debt collection scams going. There are still a number debt collection scams going on within this country and abroad - like India, Thailand, and even Australia. While the FTC or CFPM may be able to nip some of them but there are still a good number of scammers that are operating daily targeting Americans as their victims.

This just happened to me a few months ago. Now I am extremely concerned. Suggestions on who I should contact? I have been scammed: Please report this to the FTC at ftc. The information you give will go in to a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. You may want to talk with a credit counselor.

Credit counselors can work with you to manage your money and debts, and develop a plan to deal with your situation. You can also ask your bank or credit union or state and local consumer protection agencies for referrals.

This article tells more about credit counselors. Aparently, a "slap on the hand is the only legal action against the perps Are there no criminal charges filed under federal law. A settlement of termination of practice seems inappropriately minor. Considering the fact that the perps can merely continue to bilk the public under a different guise. Is seems inadequate to me You'll find more information in the FTC's press release.

The release adds that in a separate criminal proceeding, Patel pleaded guilty to mail and wire fraud charges brought by the U. Department of Justice based on his scheme.

He was sentenced to a one-year prison term. One year prison term is for first time offenders right? Then the scammers won't do that again unless they are from a third world country. Also debt collection company tried to call me tonight. The number is If u google it, it's a fake debt collection agency.

Forgive me for asking and this article is all great information but how can he lack the resources to pay when he swindled people out of that much money? Even a year in Federal prison and repayment of that small amount just seems like a slap in the hand for the damage to people. Yay finally one of the fake debt collectors that use to call me has finally been shut down. Why does it take the government so long to get things done?

I most appled and just can not stop clapping my hands this was a great way of stopping the bugs that look for every weekness they can Find. I get scams about loans i never took out. They are going to arrest me and put put a warran if i dont pay the full ampount or a sum from dollars to settle it put of court.

I get phone calls. But mostly emails from supposed federal officers or judges or cpurts. I just got one today tjey had personal info said i lost a claims suit i was never notified about. But i can pay n change n it will be ssettled. I am tired of being scared npt knowing if these are real or fake n having to be worried about going to jail. Can someone tell me hoq to know of these are fake?

If somebody contacts you about loans you never took out, he could be a fake debt collector. A fake debt collector could have some of your personal information, and still be a fake. This FTC article has tips to help you deal with fake debt collectors. Their jail sentences should match the size of their theft and be many more years than those of a street mugger--I doubt that is the case because we still go after big blue collar crime less aggressively than the smallest street crime.

Thanks for Caller ID. You can go after them now. Reporting a phone call They reportedly calling on behalf of a civil suit filed against me It's also under a name I haven't used for any credit since You can report this to the FTC at ftc. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. I have been targeted by a third party collection agency. The automated voicemail said that I needed to call this number immediately and give them a case number.

That myself or my legal cancel should call. Needless to say this was frightening. I called the number and gave them the case file, they then said that they had two complaints of payday loans. I told them to stop calling me and that any communications needed to be in writing.

They said that they had and I hadn't responded. The address that they had was an old address that I haven't lived at for 30 years. It is my Mom's address and an old email address, they had the last 4 digits of my social.

This is very disconcerting that they had that information. Do not send these people money If you have any doubt about whether you owe someone or not, check with a reputable credit bureau.

I been getting these call as well I have not called back hoping they will just stop. How do they get away with THIS! I started to get these calls as well the end of august, beginning of September, they still wont stop calling. I even went as far as calling the County Exec office that they said they were reporting me to, my whole background is clean, and I don't know how to stop them from calling. Have they stopped yet? I too am being harrased for the past 6 months or so by these same people.

They are also referring to me under my maiden name and they also will not send me anything in writing when I have asked for. Most recently, they are calling my sister and my husband and God knows who else!

I have put in a total of two complains with the FTC and my next step is to contact my local police and make a report. These people make me so mad!! I just got a call saying they are the irs and im being sued of a irs debt, they have called before. But I don't think I have a problem with the irs. Is this a phony phone number? The IRS does not start by calling people. If the IRS needs to reach you, it will send you a letter. Scammers call people and pretend to be the IRS.

They might say a fake badge number, or say the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, then demand you send money by a wire transfer or prepaid card. Or, go to the IRS website: It is your choice whether to submit a comment.

Debt collection Debt collection issues can be challenging. Featured 5 sample letters to send debt collectors Wondering how to respond to a debt collector?

Our sample letters can help if you: Get started The basics of debt collection Why a debt collector is contacting you A debt collector may be trying to contact you because a creditor believes you are past due on the payments you owe on a debt. Read more Learn what could happen if you avoid a debt collector Ignoring or avoiding a debt collector is unlikely to make the debt collector stop contacting you. Understand your situation Common issues. Take action How to guides. Submit a complaint If you are having an issue with debt collection, you can submit a complaint to the CFPB.

Learn more about debt collection Looking for more information? Debt getting in your way?

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